Wiring accessories range "Basic 55"

Wiring accessories range "Basic 55" has appeared on the Russian market in the autumn 2007. Because of its top quality and elegance design "Basic 55" became very popular among electrical installers and end users very fast.

Conception of Basic 55 shows us the essence of the architectural solution. Because of its soft lines the frame slips in the wall surface so the switch becomes virtually unnoticeable. The decorative insert with bright color creates the special accent. At nightfall it starts shining because it is made of fluorescent material. Having estimated it once, you couldn't refuse it. And Your guests will appreciate this important and effective detail at true value.

Due to nine different color solutions "Basic 55" creates the necessary accent in the interior and complete by itself any concept or idea.

ABB's wiring accessories – is the top-quality, reliable and safety mechanisms. Direct contact protection will defense the installer from electric trauma even if the central cover plate is uninstalled. The plug-in contact won't unfasten with the lapse of time instead of the screw contacts. Plug-in contacts will make installation much more simple, fast, reliable and safe. Using the silver and nickel in the contact group raises reliability and durability. The mechanism box won't crack as the result of mechanical or thermal influence (temperature perturbations), and it isn.t burn at all because of ABB's mechanism box made of unique material – duroplast.

Today Basic 55 helps You to make your house such as You see it Tomorrow.